Eight Finger Typist

GeoCities is back! Well, okay, it's not but perhaps this is the perfect oppotunity to get a personal website that is freely hosted and allows for me to publish some of my artwork, scripts (screenplays/stage plays), poems, songs, and scripts (code). I hope you enjoy your time on my personal space in cyberspace. I would also be including my contact information since this could one day replace my social media accounts. Just imagine it... no more being slaves to the Facebook and Twitter machines. Free to design the pages that you choose.

Welcome to the Internet!

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What you can expect from this site?

I anticipate using this website as a personal one. Over the course of a few weeks or months or years or whenever really. I look to update these web pages with works that I've created myself. This may range from poetry to songs to screenplays to stage plays. Though those last two may have to be uploaded elsewhere unless I am able to upload them straight to NeoCities. So please stay tuned for more exciting goodies.